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Translation Center

We are glad to welcome you to INTERDIALECT site!
Our team offers the following services:
- written translation
- consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
- certification of translation
- page planning, format conversion

Our professionals translate materials of any subject, content and volume from most foreign languages. We will be very pleased to reply to any questions.
Please, make your requests
per phone: +7(915)122 6022
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Written translation

The rates for one text page
(1 page = 1700 symbols including pages, standard translation speed Ц up to 9 pages per day)
From European languages into Russian from 450 rub./page
From Russian into European languages from 510 rub./page
Uncommon languages from 580 rub./page
Oriental languages from 1000 rub./page

Additional services

Drawing translation - agreed price
Presentation translation (in Power Point program, including layout and proofreading)
- 1 slide = 1 page
Text reformatting from PDF into WORD

Photocopying Medical translation Technical translation
  Х Biomedical engineering
Х Pharmacology
Х Pharmaceutics
Х Clinical history
Х Medical reports
Х Medical magazine articles
Х Clinical tests and reports

  Х Geology
Х Translation for oil and gas sector
Х Power engineering equipment
Х Aviation
Х Metallurgy
Х Mechanical engineering
Х Automobile construction
Х Shipbuilding
Х Instrument making
Х Electrical engineering
Х Industrial plant equipment
Х Construction
Х Information technologies
Translation of financial texts
  Х Banking
Х Registers of payments
Х Bank certificates
Х Account statements
Х Annual financial reports
Х Auditor's reports
Legal translation Translation of political texts
  Х Legal relations
Х Legal agreements
Х Legal relations
Х Legal agreements
Х Labour relations
Х Insurance
Х Civil documents
Х Registration documents
Х International relations
Х Socio-political articles
Professional written translation at the best price. Written translation of technical texts and technical documentation into English. Written translation service prices in Moscow. "INTERDIALECT" Ц successful work of professional translators since 1989!
Written translation Ц prices of written translation and interpretation in Moscow. Professional written translation of "INTERDIALECT" Company at the best price Written translation into English as well as professional technical translation

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