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Services of INTERDIALECT Translation Center


We offer translation from most foreign languages into Russian and from Russian into foreign languages. We provide translation of medical, financial, legal, technical, socio-political documentation in any volume and in due time. We can guarantee perfect quality and prompt execution of orders as well as absolute confidentiality.


Notarial certification

We arrange the notarial certification of translated materials. Such documents often contain classified, proprietary of confidential information of our customers, so we furnish our clients with a legal guarantee of compliance with the confidentiality requirements.


Certification with the seal of INTERDIALECT

In case that the notarial certification of translated documents is not required, we offer the certification with the seal of INTERDIALECT confirming the compliance of the translated document with the original version.



We furnish our professionals for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at business negotiations, conferences, workshops, trainings etc.
(Consecutive interpreting means interpreting what a speaker says when they pause after a logical segment or sentence or finish speaking. The consecutive interpreting takes place at negotiations, exhibitions, business-presentations.
Simultaneous interpreting means rendition of oral speech into another language as quickly as possible without the speaker making any pauses for interpreting. The simultaneous interpreting is provided by a minimum of two interpreters, who alternate. This interpreting takes place at major international conferences).



The editing of translated materials by our professionals is a compulsory part of our work.
We provide also editing of your documents translated by other than INTERDIALECT translators.


Layout setting

You may provide your documents in any form – electronically or on paper. Using computer programmes, our layout designers convert translated texts into required format retaining graphics.


PDF files recognition

The reformatting from PDF into WORD with texts recognition for further changes in the initial material.


How to place an order

1. to send an order per e-mail.
2. to place an order in our office.

We will calculate the order price. After your order confirmation a courier will deliver an invoice. The completed translation will be delivered by a courier or per e-mail.

We will be very pleased to reply to any questions. Please, make your requests
per phone: 7(495) 637-23-41 or +7(915)122 6022
per e-mail:


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